Fifty-one pounds of heroin and a three-month-old baby were found in the back of an SUV that two women were driving through Mississippi on Monday night. Deputies in the state arrested the women on suspicion of drug trafficking according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The officers pulled over the Ford SUV being driven by 23-year-old Arlene Viridiana Moya with passenger Trisha Lynne Ibarra, also 23. The two were heading up Interstate 20 through Rankin County when Moya made an unspecified traffic violation. Police then stopped the vehicle, and deputies became suspicious that the two were transporting drugs or contraband.

The women agreed to a consensual search, and when authorities searched the vehicle they confirmed their suspicions, discovering 51 pounds of heroin concealed around the SUV. They estimate the drugs are worth $2 million wholesale and have a $10 million resale value on the market.

Ibarra’s three-month old baby was in the back of the SUV when authorities pulled them over. After discovering the drugs, a Rankin County Court Judge ordered the child to be put into the custody of Child Protective Services.

Meanwhile Moya and Ibara, who are both from the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas, were arrested on charges of aggravated trafficking of heroin. There is still no word of where they got the paraphernalia, or where they were taking it, but authorities are still investigating the case. 

As the heroin epidemic continues to kill Americans across the country, officials are taking extra, sometimes ridiculous steps to crack down on traffickers.