Police in Nashua, New Hampshire received a call yesterday from a woman claiming a man had been fatally shot and was in her home. Sad, but still relatively run-of-the-mill as far as 911 calls go. The cops came to investigate the area, and as police tried to get more information from the caller, 54-year-old Carmelita Vergez, that’s when things got weird. Vergez reportedly took off in her 2004 Honda Odyssey, leading police on a “low to moderate speed pursuit” car chase for about 20 miles. Well, that escalated quickly, or umm… moderately. I mean, this is New Hampshire we're talking about, not NYC, I guess.

Anyway, Vergez reportedly hit two cars and ran down an embankment before she was arrested. Thankfully, no one was hurt in either collision, although her Honda Odyssey is said to have suffered some minor damage. Vergez has been charged with disobeying a police officer (duh), conduct after an accident (duh also), and resisting detention and arrest (duh x3), all of which are class A misdemeanor offenses. Anyway, while some Nashua police chased down Vergez, others investigated her home and determined there was no dead body inside. Nashua Police released a statement on Twitter, detailing the bizarre incident.


Alas, even before O.J., the subtle art of the weird police car chase has proven to be an evolving one. Just last week, a couple decided to close out their dangerous 30-minute high-speed chase with some pretty serious making out. How Hollywood.