A woman that was missing since October of last year has been found dead in a Georgia mall, where her body has been decomposing for about two weeks, the Gwinnet Daily Post reports. Silling A. Man, a 19-year-old Georgia State University student, went missing on Oct. 10; her body was found on Dec. 21 and was identified on Wednesday.

According to the incident report, Man’s body was already in “an advanced state of decomposition” when it was discovered. However, the Medical Examiner’s Office has not ruled the case a homicide yet, as the investigation is still ongoing.

Man had previously been reported missing on Oct. 8 by a family member, but she soon returned home. In two days, though, Man went missing again, but this time no one filed a missing person report, police say. However, detectives have noted that Man did pick up her last paycheck from her job at a mall around Nov. 20. Although she was a student at Georgia State University, her student status during her disappearance remains unknown.

The New York Daily News reports that Man’s body was found by a maintenance worker during a routine check of an empty food-vendor space at Gwinnett Place Mall Duluth. Her body was in the back room.