What was meant to be a peaceful event now has the possibility to become chaotic thanks to white nationalists.

The organizers behind the Women's March in Knoxville, Tennessee had to tighten up their security measures after learning that white nationalists are planning to come to protest, USA Today reports. The Women's March organizers also had to change their original route in order to throw the demonstrators off balance. Matthew Heimbach, the founder of the nationalist group Traditionalist Worker Party, posted their plans on the organization's website in a blog post titled, "Pussy Hats and Pitchforks." 

"As the defenders and advocates of women and our children, the Traditionalist Worker Party is taking a stand in Knoxville Tennessee on Sunday January 21st against the proposed feminist march and in support of the March for Life being held the same day," it reads. "Any movement that doesn’t defend the sanctity of life is not a movement worth having. If we are to build a free nation for our children, we must first secure life for our children."

Kimberly Peterson, spokeswoman for the Women’s March Coalition of East Tennessee, commented on the upcoming protest while stressing the importance of positivity. "Our purpose is mainly a celebration," she explained. "It’s a positive, upbeat event. Our participants have certain values, and even in a tough presidential year, there were a lot of successes. That’s been the theme of our event—to celebrate successes."

The Women's March in Knoxville will take place on Sunday in correlation with other events happening across the country in honor of the first anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington. If you are interested in attending, click here to check out where the nearest march in your area will be.