With the 2018 Winter Olympics kicking off next month in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the US figure skating team might need to make some last minute adjustments to its roster.

In this now viral video clip posted on Facebook, a Virginia man is seen exiting his house to start what he probably assumed to be a fairly typical commute to work. What he wasn't expecting was that his entire driveway was covered with a sheet of black ice. The guy was doomed from the start. He immediately loses his footing but instead of instantly busting his ass the guy regains his balance and proceeds to slide down the entirety of the sloped driveway before taking a spill onto the lawn.

Seriously though, this guy has to have some type of background in ice skating or hockey. Being able to keep your footing that long in hard bottoms is an impressive feat. The man's name is apparently Tim Besecker and in case you were wondering, his wife Kelly gave an update on his condition following his hilarious wipeout. 

Even if he was physically fine after the slip, I'm sure he was not the happiest guy on account of his work clothes probably being wet and cold. Bless this family for having surveillance cameras on their house to capture this moment. 

Tim is not alone. There is certainly dozens of morning commuters who have faced the same fate thanks to the recent snowy conditions and "bomb cyclones" that have been smacking the East Coast the past few weeks. If you have also fallen victim to the icy mess, just be thankful that close to 40 million people didn't see you take a tumble like this guy.