Two Toronto police officers had a little downtime during their shift and used it in the worst way imaginable.

CBC reports that the two officers in question ate edibles while on duty Sunday and got so stoned they had to call for back up. Over the weekend, Toronto police raided a marijuana dispensary, which is suspected to be where the edibles came from.

Reportedly, the officers in question were unaware that the effects of ingesting marijuana takes way longer to kick in than smoking it. So after not feeling anything, they had the not-so-brilliant idea to keep eating. By the time the high kicked in, both cops were experiencing hallucinations so strong they decided to call for back up. When helped arrived, "one of the impaired officers took off running." 

To top it off, one of the officers responding to his colleagues' distress call slipped on ice and had to be treated for a head injury. The Toronto Police are giving little details about the incident, but did confirm that the unnamed two officers have been suspended and are under investigation. So far, no criminal charges against them.