People do all sorts of things to memorialize the dead, from writing songs about them to keeping (or, in some cases, smoking) their ashes. Tattoos are also a popular means to keep a loved one's memory alive, but what's less well-known is the way Sakyrah Morris just did it. The Chicago teen captured her late grandma's voice on her skin, so she can use an app to listen to it whenever she wants, WTSP reports. 

The month before her death, Morris' grandma left her a voicemail for her birthday. So that she'd always have this memory with her, she recorded the sound waves and got them tattooed right over her heart. Now, she can hold her phone up to her chest and hear her grandma's birthday wishes.

"I decided to save the voicemail in as many places as I could," she told Complex. "About a month ago, while working on one of my songs, I started to observe the sound waves on the screen, and I thought that it would be great for me to get a tattoo of one with my grandmother's voicemail."

To do this, she used Skin Motion, which converts your audio files into tattoo stencils. The company has trained tattoo artists to create soundwave tattoos, and once you get one, you can upload an image of the tattoo to your phone, which will activate the sound when the pattern is detected. Thanks to this technology, Morris's grandma will live on in her heart—literally.