The nation was rightfully disturbed in the wake of the infamous rape trial of former Stanford swimmer, Brock Turner, who received a conspicuously short jail sentence for assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The convicted rapist received six months for his crime (of which he only served three), as opposed to the six years put forward by the prosecution during the trial. The university had since resolved to re-landscape the area where the assault occurred and planned to include a memorial plaque with a quote chosen by the victim... or so they said.

An anonymous student newsletter and The Fountain Hopper, an independent campus news source, have claimed the university rejected the victim's quote selection, which had been pulled directly from her victim-impact statement. According to The Fountain Hopper, the school had the gall to offer their own suggestion instead: “I’m okay, everything’s okay.” Emily Doe is said to have withdrawn from the whole plaque situation after that.

According to a spokesperson for Stanford University, EJ Miranda, “Stanford was in discussion with Ms. Doe’s representative about this issue. The Fountain Hopper statement was not a correct representation of the discussions,” she wrote to The Cut. “Because these were confidential communications, we cannot say anything more specific about it.” Meanwhile, a close friend of the victim and Stanford law professor, Michael Dauber, had told the magazine, “the decision, approved by Provost Drell, to reject the quotes from Emily’s letter was a very poor choice.” If the story is, in fact, true, it's another slap in the face for rape survivor's rights.

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