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Calissa Alston, a custodial assistant for the NYPD, was arrested for the third time on Monday. Alston's latest offense involved possession of drugs and weapon charges while off-duty in Staten Island, reports The Daily News. Her most recent arrest comes not long after she was last suspended from her position after robbing a bank by claiming she had a homemade bomb.

Authorities say Alston slipped a bank teller at a West Village bank a note that read: "I have a homemade bomb, pass me your loose $50s and $100s. Hurry the fuck up." Alston got away with a little over a thousand in cash, but the teller hit a silent alarm that alerted the authorities. 

The greedy custodian's first offense occurred in May, when she attempted to steal a co-worker's paycheck. She reportedly forged the signature and cashed the check, but was caught and charged with petty larceny, forgery, and possession of stolen property. 

After Monday's arrest, police issued a search warrant for her home, where they discovered marijuana as well as an "imitation rifle." According to officials, she is currently suspended from her position with the NYPD once again. Bizarrely enough, forging checks and robbing a bank won't get you fired from your NYPD custodial position, but maybe this latest possession charge will be the last straw?