A Brooklyn woman is claiming that a New York City Police Department officer made repeated requests to see her breasts during a weed possession bust. Jasmine Campbell said Thursday that NYPD officer Javier Munoz offered to let her off the hook if she lifted her shirt and exposed her breasts, the New York Daily News reported.

"[Munoz] said to me, 'Well, do you want to show me something?'" Campbell, in a letter sent to the city by attorney Lawrence LaBrew, said. According to Campbell, Munoz made similar requests three separate times during the 2014 stop and was "staring" at her chest.

Eventually, Campbell exited her vehicle with her hands up. Munoz and the other involved officers allegedly began laughing at her and joked about giving them a hug. Campbell was ultimately arrested for possession (though her friend “insisted” the weed was his) and resisting arrest charges, resulting in a night in jail. Campbell, who was enrolled as a senior at John Jay College at the time with plans of attending law school, said the incident forced her to miss a midterm exam that offered no makeup options.

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The case was later dismissed. The incident has caused her distress, Campbell said. "The arrest and prosecution of Ms. Campbell was a sham," LaBrew told the Daily News. "She was arrested because she would not show Police Officer Munoz her breasts." Campbell—who filed suit in Brooklyn Federal Court last year—is now attending law school in Florida with intentions on practicing criminal law.

Though the city offered $2,500 Thursday, LaBrew said he and his client would "not be considering" the offer.