Just when you thought the Manchester terrorist attack couldn’t get any more upsetting, the homeless man who was once lauded for helping victims to safety has now admitted to stealing some of their belongings. 

Chris Parker previously told the media how he helped those injured during the ISIS-inspired bombing of the Ariana Grande concert last May 22. His allegedly noble and highly publicized efforts triggered a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than £50,000 for Parker. However, disturbing CCTV footage in court shows Parker stealing from bleeding victims as they lay helpless on the floor. At one point, 33-year-old Parker reaches into the handbag of injured victim Pauline Healey, whose granddaughter was killed in the attack. He also stole a teen’s cell phone. 

Parker, who has previous convictions for things like theft, burglary, and shoplifting, admitted to two counts of theft and one of fraud for his appalling behavior that tragic day. However, Parker denied three other counts of fraud and trying to steal another person’s coat. Give his other guilty pleas, prosecutors will not pursue those unresolved charges. It looks like Parker will face jail time, with Judge David Hernandez remanding Parker in custody for sentencing on Jan. 30. The judge told Parker a custodial sentence was “most likely."

The hearing was initially supposed to take place on Tuesday, but Parker was nowhere to be found. He had been hiding out in Halifax when police tracked him down and brought him into court the following day. Parker was reportedly unable to leave his cell while in custody due to death threats from other inmates.