A murder that had remained unsolved for 25 years was met with a surprise confession this week. Brian Keith Hawkins of Redding, California confessed to the murder of Frank Wesley McAlister during a televised interview with KRCR News that aired this week, then turned himself in to local authorities.

Hawkins, 44, confessed Tuesday afternoon and named 46-year-old Shanna Culver and 45-year-old Curtis Culver as accomplices in McAlister's 1993 murder. "Horrible, horrible, absolutely horrible every day," Hawkins said of what it’s been like in the years since the murder. "Almost every minute of every day has been a nightmare."

Hawkins also compared McAlister's loss of life to his own. "It's kinda weird that Frank never even got to have a life and neither did I," he said in the interview, spotted by Uproxx on Thursday. "We were teenagers and now I'm 44 and still haven't even had a life, and now probably most likely won't anyways."

According to KRCR, the three—following a plan Hawkins claims was the Culvers' idea—robbed McAlister after tricking him into meeting them under the pretense that a meth transaction was going to take place. McAlister was ultimately stabbed to death, at which point the three ditched his car at a nearby Costco.

"I've been through hell my whole life because of this," Hawkins, who said he reached out to McAlister's family prior to the interview, told KRCR. He also said some God stuff before finishing his Pepsi and cigar, then heading out to turn himself in.

Hawkins and the Culvers have since been arrested and are being held in Shasta County jail.