This week, a stunning story of discrimination against immigrants went viral on Twitter, and even though Emily Huynh, 18, has been helping her 52-year-old dad, Minh, a Vietnamese immigrant who has been living in America since 1995, look for jobs.

Emily told BuzzFeed News that her father had been unemployed for two years, but used to own a restaurant and later worked as an overnight truck driver for 13 years before being laid off. She usually proofreads his emails before he sends them, but he apparently decided to send one application off to Dash Delivery without Emily’s help. While we don’t know the full text of the email, Emily shared the HR manager’s incredibly rude and unprofessional answer.

“As soon as I read it, I knew he was making fun of my dad’s lack of English,” Emily told BuzzFeed. “I was outraged but my dad was confused until I explained it to him.” In a separate tweet, Emily revealed that her dad wasn’t even that hurt, he was just confused that someone would refuse to hire him because he had bad grammar. Emily added that immigrant parents often “do not understand the depth of discrimination [and] therefore don’t react like us.”

When Emily shared the email to her Twitter account, she wanted to bring the situation to the attention of people in her surrounding community. She did not expect it to go viral, but her father really appreciated the outpouring of support.

The attention from Twitter also helped in another way: Door Dash somehow heard of the situation and fired the “trash” employee, Bruce Petersen, who treated Minh badly. “Mr. Petersen’s communication was inappropriate and inconsistent with our company’s values,” the email read. “Our company is an equal opportunity employer and it is proud of its diverse workforce.”

Bruce himself wrote to Minh to apologize. The greatest part of it all, though, is that Emily’s father forgave him and “just hopes that people learn from their ignorance.” His English may not be fluent, but we all may have learn a thing or two from Minh's grace.

A large number of the people who replied to Emily’s original tweets suggested that the family sue Bruce and Door Dash for discrimination. Some even offered to take on the case pro-bono.

However, the family decided against taking legal action, at Minh's Huynh’s behest, since he doesn’t want to be “confrontational.” Emily also shared a notebook that her father keeps with English vocabulary words that he teaches himself daily.

Lots of people wrote to Emily on Twitter with job opportunities for her father. Emily told BuzzFeed that he had been “flooded” with job offers and is now “deciding between opportunities.” A well deserved happy ending, indeed.