H&M is still paying for making a black child model its "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" hoodie.

While the black boy's mother had no issue with the offensive ad, a group of South African protestors decided to trash the store to show their disapproval. In the video below, the protestors are seen kicking down clothing racks and pushing down mannequins. 

Video also shows protesters (from the Economic Freedom Fighters political party) blocking the entrance to the brand's Johannesburg location in Clearwater Mall. ABC reports that the police used rubber bullets to dispel the demonstration.

Several celebrities have condemned H&M for the hoodie since the ad first appeared on the clothing brand's site. The Weeknd, who launched a collection with H&M last year, vowed to never work with them again. Diddy also reportedly offered the young model a $1 million contract to come work for Sean John. In the meantime, fans are calling on Nicki Minaj to publicly cut ties with H&M, while others across Instagram protested the hoodie with their own re-imagined version that displayed positive messagesH&M has since apologized and promised to "thoroughly investigate why this happened to prevent this type of mistake from happening again." 

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