More trouble for Harvey Weinstein. According to the Associated PressWeinstein and former New York prosecutor Michael Rubin have been sued by the former lawyer of actress Paz de la Huerta for allegedly participating in a scheme to persist de la Huerta to drop the charges against the former film producer.

Tensor Law, the firm of the lawyer who filed the claim this past Friday, suggests that Rubin misrepresented himself to de la Huerta, "to interfere by a series of harmful subterfuges, threats, and extortion demands, entirely outside the legitimate strictures of the legal system.” 

The claim alleges Rubin insisted that de la Huerta drop Filler as her attorney, as well as her complaint accusing Weinstein of rape. Filler's lawsuit goes on to further allege that Rubin attempted to release de la Huerta's psychiatric records to the public and give other prosecutors on the case "false and discouraging advice, leading to the abrupt halt of progress toward indictment of Weinstein," according to official court documents. 

Despite being centered around the actresses case, de la Huerta's lawyer Carrie Goldberg insists that de la Huerta is not involved with the lawsuit stating, "My client had no knowledge of this lawsuit filed by Mr. Filler and makes no claims as to the veracity of any of the information presented as facts in the complaint."

De la Huerta has accused Weinstein of raping her two times back in 2010. The Boardwalk Empire actress is one of the numerous women who has come forward accusing Weinstein of various inappropriate sexual encounters since the shocking piece airing him out for years of sexual misconduct was published by the New York Times in Oct. 2017. 

While Weinstein has remained adamant that all of the claims being made against him are false, he has been fired from his position at The Weinstein Company, been revoked of his lifetime membership to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and currently has two of the dozens of cases against him being reviewed by the L.A. district attorney in the wake of the large number of accusations.  Hopefully proper justice can soon be served against the former Hollywood producer.

Of course, this is not the first time Weinstein has been accused of covering up his past wrongdoings. Other reports have come to light in the past detailing various instances of Weinstein's attempts to keep his misconduct under wraps. 

Pertaining to the lawsuit, Rubin denies even knowing Weinstein, while Weinstein's spokesperson Holly Baird called the claims made by Filler "insanity."