A grandma, who clearly DGAF about normal sleeping patterns, sent a shady text to her grandson this week after he failed to wish her happy birthday at 7 in the morning.

“Happy birthday to my self [sic] hadn't heard from my grandson thanks,” the text read below a 7:03 a.m. timestamp.

The grandson posted a screenshot of the message via Twitter on Tuesday with the following caption: “My grandma ain’t give nobody time to wake up good and brush they teeth this morning.”

Several hours after the grandson posted the text, he returned to social media with an update. He claimed to have called and texted his grandma to wish her a happy birthday; however, he said he did not get any sort of response.

The level of pettiness is inspiring.

About 12 hours, the grandmother finally picked up her grandson’s call. But, as you might’ve suspected, her greeting wasn’t exactly warm. She supposedly pretended not to know who her grandson was … until he offered to take her out to dinner. 

Though it seems everything worked out in the end, we're sure this guy will plan ahead for grandma's next big day.