When you get past the snowstorm, frigid temperatures and pesky travel nightmares, the bomb cyclone actually had some visually stunning effects.

This week, YouTuber Ryan Canty was visiting his grandmother in North Falmouth, Massachusetts and caught some amazing drone footage of the frozen Old Silver Beach in Cape Cod Bay, Mashable pointed out. The popular vacation destination resembled a scene from Game Of Thrones, with the ocean transformed and solidified into a giant sheet of ice.

Ryan and his pal were even brave enough to venture onto the icy surface. Oh, and despite the title of the video, the entire ocean was definitely not frozen. 

Much of the northeast was hit with record low temperatures, snow, and freezing winds as the bomb cyclone hammered parts of the U.S. The inclement weather was enough to freeze Niagra Falls, making its running water look stuck in midair.

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