All so-called drugs should be decriminalized in every corner of the world. If you're not convinced that's the most righteous path, then promptly do some research.

With that knowledge firmly at the front of your mind, you should consider the latest developments out of France as being a possible step in the right direction. Two French assembly members have reportedly recommended competing options intended to alleviate the "strain" on their criminal justice system, Dazed reported Wednesday. The assembly members, centrist Eric Poulliat and center-right Republican Robin Reda, were asked by the government's National Assembly Laws Commission to take a look at drug policies and provide advice.

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Poulliat has recommended a fine for possession and criminal prosecution if said fine isn't paid on time, while Reda is calling for personal drug use and possession to be bumped down to a non-criminal offense (i.e. no prosecution). A decision has not yet been made by the government.

While many regional news outlets have focused on the weed side of this development, Talking Drugs—who first reported on the larger issue at play on Monday—claimed that any change would actually have an effect on "all" currently illegal substances. "There is no legislative distinction between cannabis and any other drug, so the report cannot create a specific way to deal only with cannabis," Benjamin Jeanroy, ECHO co-founder, said. "The fact that the recommendations would affect the law around all illegal drugs is probably the most crucial part of this report."

While many have expressed optimism regarding this development, others are more skeptical of the outcome:

Still, at least we're seriously talking about decriminalization. That's a start, if nothing else.