They say dying in your sleep is the best way to go, but maybe there’s a better way still: in love. This very bittersweet story comes from Hartford, Connecticut where a woman fighting breast cancer spent her final moments basking in the romantic glow of her new marriage, AP Reports. On December 22nd, just 18 hours before Heather Mosher passed away at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Harford, she wore a wedding gown as she exchanged vows with David Mosher in the hospital’s chapel.

The couple met at a swing dance class in 2015 and fell in love. David Mosher says he was planning on proposing to Heather on Dec. 23rd, 2016, the same day she was diagnosed. Despite the sobering news, he went through with his plan, which included a horse-drawn carriage. He told WFSB-TV, “I said to myself, ‘She needs to know she’s not going to go down this road alone.’”

David and Heather set a wedding date of Dec. 30, 2017, but given Heather Mosher's declining condition, doctors urged the couple to get married sooner. Friends and family outfitted Heather in full bridal garb for the big day. David told ABC News, “It was just like surreal because I’m supposed to be exchanging vows to her and here I am saying goodbye.”

Heather’s funeral was held on Dec. 30th, the original date of her wedding. Even when facing death, love really does conquer all.