If you've ever been to Target, you know there's just something magical about the chain retailer. Whether it's the shiny floors, the bright red design or the miraculous way you always manage to walk out with way more than what you intended to buy, Target just seems to make people happy. (It doesn't hurt that Beyoncé, shops there as well!) And now it seems that the magic worked for Zira, an adorable four-month-old Corgi and Mini Aussie mix, as well.

Zira's caretaker, Jesse, shared the pup's wide smile during their recent trip to Target in a series of photos on Twitter that has now gone viral. It's since received over 135,000 re-tweets and over 500,000 likes.

Tweeters also hilariously pointed that Zira actually looks like Bullseye, the Target dog while Jesse said that Zira also looks like Pua, the pig from Disney's Moana.

But within all the positive responses, some negativity still found its way into the conversation since some noted that since Zira isn't a service animal, she shouldn't be inside Target for health hazards. It could also make it harder for those with people with service animals if misbehaved non-service animals are let into the store. But who could say no to all that cuteness?

With Zira's newfound popularity, Jesse is capitalizing on the pup's cuteness by gaining followers on an Instagram page dedicated to him. Catch more photos of the adorable pup here.