First there was the cronut — a cross between a croissant and a donut. Then, the self-explanatory sushi burrito. Now, the crossushi — a cross between a croissant and sushi — may be the next food craze to join the ranks of trendy hybrid foods.

The crossushi (also known as the "California Croissant") looks like the traditional French pastry on the outside except for the sesame seeds that top off the flaky, buttery treat. However, it's a different story on the inside. Instead of layered dough, the crossushi also contains smoked salmon, nori seaweed, pickled ginger and wasabi. And on the side? A bit of Kikkoman soy sauce​.

Although some tweeters are praising it as a tasty treat, others are giving it a big nope.

On the other hand, some have righteously claimed that this is far from the first savory croissant.

Originally a brainchild of the California-based chain bakery Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the crossushi can be found in its several locations including some in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea.

This isn't the first time that Mr. Holmes Bakehouse dabbled in hybrid foods either. The bakery is also home to the equally delicious-sounding but less adventurous Cruffin (a crossover between a croissant and a muffin.)

But only time will tell if the crossushi will have foodies standing in line for hours to get a taste.