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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently sat down with CNN's "The Axe Files" to talk about two pressing issues in the media: the #MeToo movement and President Trump's friction with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Regarding the former, Rice said that while the #MeToo movement is a good thing, she fears that the outpouring of allegations against powerful men will end up working against women in the long run. "Let's not turn women into snowflakes. Let's not infantilize women," she urged. She went on to say that the movement will make "men start to think, 'Well, maybe it's just better not to have women around,'" she said. "I've heard a little bit of that. And it, it worries me." Rice was then asked if she'd ever been sexually harassed during her career, to which she admitted to being asked out on dates by superiors, but nothing that would be considered assault. "I've never had anyone do anything that I would consider assault. But I don't know a woman alive who hasn't had somebody say or do something that was inappropriate at best and aggressive at worst."

In the same interview, CNN asked Rice for her thoughts on President Trump's mounting with North Korea. "I think Kim Jong Un is turning out, much more so than I thought, to be actually pretty clever,"  she said in response to a question about Donald Trump's missile measuring contest with the North Korean leader via Twitter. "The approach to the South Koreans was clever; the decision to go to the Olympics is clever. I think he is more isolated than his father was. Perhaps certainly more reckless. I wonder sometimes if he really believes it when he says, 'I can destroy the United States,' because anybody who tells (him) something he doesn't want to hear seems to get killed."

Though Rice is outwardly against Trump's tweets, she doesn't believe the media should devote such extensive analysis to his often bizarre social media antics. Her statement makes sense, considering Rice endorsed the controversial President last summer. She told CNBC in a televised interview that while Trump's style of leadership is unorthodox, she believes he puts the nation first.