After admitting that they sent out updates to purposely slow down older iPhones with outdated batteries last month, Apple is now being officially probed by the U.S. government. 

According to a new report from Bloomberg , the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating to find out whether or not Apple violated securities laws. Government officials have requested information from the company and are looking into public statements made by Apple representatives. The investigation is in its early stages, so it's still unclear whether the Department of Justice will follow up with any kind of enforcement.

The Department of Justice is reportedly focused on the fact that Apple may have publicly misled investors about its products.

Three weeks ago, Apple was hit with a similar probe by French authorities who accused Apple of "deceit" and "programmed obsolescence." A preliminary criminal investigation began on January 5 after a complaint was filed by consumer association Halte à l'Obsolescence Programmée.

In December, Apple issued an official statement apologizing for its actions and offered a $50 discount on replacement batteries for the iPhone 6 and older models.

"We've been hearing feedback from our customers about the way we handle performance for iPhones with older batteries and how we have communicated that process," the statement read. "We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize. There's been a lot of misunderstanding about this issue, so we would like to clarify and let you know about some changes we're making."

"First and foremost, we have never—and would never—do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades," Apple added. "Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that."