There's been a lot of smoke in the air regarding what Apple's going to be doing in 2018, especially following the release of their latest smartphone, the iPhone X. Earlier this month, there was talk of the iPhone X Plus being big AF (relatively speaking), then word of the iPhone X being deaded at some point in 2018. With rumors of multiple larger Apple devices on the way, these latest releases sound like Apple could be cutting back on the number of iPhone Xs its set to ship.

Earlier this week, Nikkei reported Apple's first-quarter iPhone X orders would be cut in half to 20 million units, with the Wall Street Journal seemingly confirming Apple would only be rocking with a 20 million unit order. This is said to be a normal procedure for Apple when their products aren't selling well.

It's interesting to note that, when the iPhone X was first made available in November, there were rumors of there not being enough product to satisfy the iPhone X demand, which was said to have forced Apple to recalibrate their Face ID expectations. Apple shrugged those rumors off, and the device dropped as scheduled. But now, it sounds like the device could face an uncertain future.

Realistically, all of these are rumors, and right now, it's hard to say what Apple has in store for us. It'll make more sense once we get closer to whatever Apple has lined up for later this year. Until then, all people can (and will) do is speculate the shit out of this situation and spin it to their own conclusions. That said, don't be surprised if iPhone Xs are harder to come by in the next month or so.