For those who aren’t convinced of the pernicious and malignant cancer on our political system that is the alt-right, I offer you exhibit A, congressional hopeful Paul Nehlen. This whack job, who The Atlantic previously called a “anti-semitic clown,” took to Twitter on Tuesday to complain about users who’ve “attacked” him for his “#Americafirst positions,” which in normal, sane person speak, translates to white-nationalist ideology. For some reason, Nehlen thought it would be a good idea to make a list of these people, while drawing very pointed attention to the fact that most of them are Jewish.

According to Nehlen, Twitter made him delete a few of the tweets in the thread that started off with some article (which I refuse to link) about how Jews control the media. What's worse is that from the looks of it, Nehlen doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. *Face palm*

Pro-tip, dude: making a list of Jews has been a bad move for anyone considering a political career, unless you’re, you know… Hitler. Did I mention this guy is running for CONGRESS?

Nehlen’s list features CNN correspondent Jake Tapper, commentator Ben Shapiro, and Chabad social media editor Mordechai Lightstone, among others. Much like our current president, Nehlen is a businessman with little to no political experience, who’s boarded the white nationalist train to crazy town (ehem... and the White House). Naturally, sane Twitter has caught on to Nehlen’s fuckery, and they are not having it.

It’s been argued before that by even reporting on asshats like Nehlen, we are somehow emboldening or legitimizing them, but I’d contend we can’t just ignore that people with Nazi-like tendencies are running for political office. If your house is burning down, not telling anyone about the fire isn’t going to make it go away. You know?