A nine-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico student has been suspended after unknowingly bringing edible marijuana candies to class and sharing them with a group of fellow students.

“According to the school’s dean of elementary students, five kids shared a box of the gummies last week,” Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT reported. “The school called paramedics, parents, and APD as soon as they became aware of what happened. The dean said some of the kids became giggly, while others got sick.”

Recreational marijuana is not legal in New Mexico, but state laws do allow up to an eighth of an ounce of marijuana for “individuals living with debilitating medical conditions” and for providers and caregivers of such individuals. The nine-year-old who accidentally shared the edibles with her classmates almost certainly doesn’t meet the above criteria. Further complicating matters, city officials aren’t sure whether the gummies were purchased in New Mexico. The concentration of Cannabidiol (or CBD) in marijuana edibles can vary greatly, making it difficult to determine just how much the children ingested.

It’s unclear if the child’s parents will face any legal consequences. According to multiple reports, the child’s suspension stems from a local statute against sharing any food from home. That policy was originally put in place to curb possible allergic reactions.

“There’s no way to stop kids from sharing, especially food items,” Jessica Sanchez, a parent at the school, told KOAT reporters. “I think the main issue lies with the parents, you gotta keep that away from them.”