A website for Donald Trump's re-election committee has released an interesting poll. The options available are limiting, to say the least. Titled "Inaugural Year Approval Poll," the questionnaire begins with the existential query: "How would you rate President Trump’s first year in office (2017)?" Your choices? "Great," "Good," "Okay," and "Other." That's all. 

Meanwhile, for a question that asks "how you would rate President Obama’s first year in office (2009)," the option of "Poor" is added. 

Another gem of a question inquires whether or not "you believe the Fake News Media will fairly cover President Trump’s first year approval rating?" So, just to recap, the Trump regime released a poll, asking Americans how they're doing with no negative options listed whatsoever. A future dystopia, one where falsehoods become the truth, though it has arguably already been here for a while, is ever inching closer to becoming reality. 

Head here to check out the poll for yourself. 

In related news, Donald Trump's real polling numbers aren't doing so great. The Real Clear Politics average estimates Trump to have a 55.7 percent disapproval rating, as of Saturday. Trump, a person known to exaggerate and lie, cited the Rasmussen Reports, a poll that places his disapproval rating at 53 percent and approval at 45, numbers closer to those of Obama during the same time period of his presidency. The problem with the Rasmussen Reports, the most agreeable to Trump, is that it does its interviews via landline phones, something many younger Americans don't have, which most likely skews the numbers, Politico reports.

Trump's previous tweet? Just causally and falsely equivocating the climate and weather. Which, by the way, are absolutely not the same thing