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This morning Time named the multitudes coming forward with their stories of sexual assault—christened the “Silence Breakers”—as Person of the Year for 2017. These people, facing possible backlash from the variety of industries they’ve worked in for large chunks of their lives, showcased a tremendous amount of bravery by sharing their accounts with the public in hopes of deterring future predatory behavior and punishing unchecked wrongs. As if to undermine their valor, Time announced that President Donald Trump was the first runner-up for the yearly honor. The publication now faces considerable flack for their choice.

The article posted this morning to details the reasons that Trump came in second place behind the Silence Breakers, citing that the greater impact that he’s had in office is that he’s changed the presidency. “From Washington to Wall Street, Peoria to Pyongyang, late-night television to social media, much of the world revolves around the Trump show,” author Molly Ball writes.

Indignant people took to Twitter to voice their frustration with Time's decision.

What the article, and Time, don’t take into account in their ranking is that President Trump has been the subject of sexual assault allegations in the past. What caused the Silence Breakers to be named Person of the Year should also disqualify him from making the same list. Considering that he’s graced the magazine’s cover 14 times since he was elected president, it’s surprising he didn’t make Person of the Year altogether.

Trump actually said he turned down Time's offer to be Person of the Year back on Nov. 24 after he was informed he would probably win the award.

Time responded shortly after with a different story than what the President was spewing to the public.

Hopefully this presidential fiasco doesn’t take away from the powerful message the Silence Breakers have sent with their revelations about higher-ups in the entertainment industry.