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Target, the large discount store retailer, has took to Twitter to apologize for carrying an extended card pack for Cards Against Humanity after receiving complaints of antisemitism, TMZ reports. One of the cards reads, "Torturing Jews until they say they're not Jews anymore," while another says "The part of Anne Frank's diary where she talks about her vagina." 

Outraged Twitter users made their feelings of disappointment and disgust known. 

Target quickly responded, offering an apology and plans to remove the extension pack from their stores. 

Others pointed out the creators of the game are Jewish.

WABC-TV reports that Cards Against Humanity co-founder Max Temkin's grandfather was a Jewish WWII veteran who "was shot down over Germany during a combat mission in World War II and interned in a POW camp. At the camp, Weinstein and other Jewish POWs banded together to form a 'nuisance committee' to irritate their Nazi captors in ways that wouldn't get them killed."

The company has been politically active, supporting liberal causes. They previously purchased a portion of land where Trump's border wall with Mexico was proposed, in an effort to block its construction.