Leave it to a journalist’s child to write the REALEST letter to Kris Kringle. NPR’s Sarah McCammon tweeted a photo to her son’s note, in which he takes no prisoners. To be fair, 2017 has been one hell of a year, and it’s given all of us pause to question men in positions of authority... especially ones that make lists.

The six-year-old special prosecutor to-be (one can only hope), makes it one-hundred percent clear that he’s not in the Santa letter-writing game for the presents and makes some surprisingly woke allegations against Mr. Claus.

He signs off with with a mic-dropping: “love,” (wait for it…) “I’m not telling you my name.”

DAMN, son. Literally.

The kid skeptic decorated his angst-riddled letter with Christmas wreaths and skulls. Talk about killing Christmas. We’re definitely on board, though.

McCammon followed up with a tweet assuring everyone that despite his existential musings, her child is “totally having fun.” She says the “trouble” her son claims to have seen is nothing more than a subliminal jab at his brother. “Don’t call child services,” she jokes.