When it comes to UFOs, it’s not just the dude on the corner wearing the tinfoil hat who thinks they might be real. As the New York Times reports, the Pentagon spent $22 million over the course of five years on a once classified program, to figure out if we’re indeed alone in the universe. The program ended in 2012, when the budget was transferred to the military. Figures.

It’s a damn shame too, since certain sightings leave one with a lot of questions. P.S. It’s probably best that you read the rest of this article with The X-Files theme song playing in the background. For example, take that of retired Navy vet, Cmdr. David Fravor of Windham New Hampshire. Cmdr. Fravor’s 2004 UFO sighting was one of those logged in the Pentagon’s records, along with a tape of the of the whole ordeal. As the story goes, Fravor was flying near San Diego when he saw a strange object. “It was randomly moving, north, south, east, west, just random,” Fravor recounted to WMUR9. “Just stopping, going the other direction. Like you could do with a helicopter, but a little bit more abrupt. It looks like a 40-foot long Tic-Tac with no wings."


Fravor is convinced that the object was not natural or manmade. “Personally, I think it was not from this world. I don't believe we would have a technology like that,” he said.

Furthermore, the veteran pilot says that he does not believe the sighting was a light reflection. Creeeeepy.