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Disneyland was, in fact, not the happiest place on Earth this past Wednesday. A massive power outage struck the popular amusement park, shutting down many of the rides, including the famous Monorail. It was particularly inopportune timing too, since the holiday season is an especially busy time of year at the southern California amusement park. The ordeal left many guests stranded on a number of rides, before they were escorted to safety.

PARKS UPDATE: We have experienced a power outage near Mickey's Toontown and Fantasyland. We are working diligently to restore power to the affected areas as soon as possible. Select offerings are now available such as Toontown and “it’s a small world” Holiday.

— Disneyland Today (@DisneylandToday) December 27, 2017

Officials from the theme park said the outage was caused by an issue with a transformer, which left Toontown and Fantasyland without power. (P.S. I'm really grateful for having been given a reason to write the words “Toontown” and “Fantasyland,” and not at all ironically.) As KABC reported, “about a dozen” rides were affected by the power outage. “We’ve determined that the issue is with a Disneyland Resort transformer and our team is currently assessing and working to restore power,” Disney said in a statement. 

Disney spokesperson Susi Brown said power was restored in ToonTown and most of Fantasyland within hours. Indeed, crews successfully managed to fully restore power by 4 pm the same day. However, park guests were not too pleased with their experience, especially since the park didn’t immediately offer any refunds.

Nonsensical time spent at Disneyland. There is a power outage and there is no refund either!!! $1100 down the drain!! #disneypoweroutage #poorcustomerservice

— Juveria Kanodia (@juvs06) December 27, 2017