Paul Ryan doesn't care about women.

Ryan, who would rather have millions of Americans fending for themselves instead of utilizing the variety of health services offered by Planned Parenthood, practically stood before the nation earlier this month and begged everyone to start condomlessly fucking to make up for the lack of economic growth ensured by his abysmal tax legislation. Even if the very logic behind such an idiotic statement wasn’t inherently flawed, the notion of telling women to start popping out babies—as if any perceived lack of economic growth is their fault—is a flaming heap of garbage. Of course, flaming heaps of garbage are very on-brand for Ryan.

Just to make sure we don't go mistaking him for someone who gives a damn about anything other than stacking up God-backed Republican dollars, Ryan dropped in on NBC for an interview with Savannah Guthrie during which he doled out some of his signature cowardice when asked about the multitude of women who have accused alleged POTUS Donald Trump of sexual assault and harassment.

Asked by Guthrie about the possibility of Congress opening up an investigation on the Trump allegations, Ryan declined to provide his own thoughts, instead paraphrasing someone else. "Well, as you know, the person in charge of that committee, Trey Gowdy, has given a very articulate response which is those are criminal matters and Congress doesn't do criminal investigations," he said. "I would invite you to ask someone from the White House."

Guthrie's subsequent request for Ryan to comment on the possibility of an ethics investigation was ignored. Instead, Ryan launched into a deflection about how we shouldn't turn this cultural reckoning moment into a "partisan food fight."

Before letting him sign off, Guthrie pressed Ryan further, asking point-blank if he thought all the women who had accused Trump of assault or harassment were lying. "Look, I don't even know what all these accusations are," Ryan said. "I'm focused on fixing Congress. I'm focused on my job, where I work, making this institution safe." Ryan then launched into his own version of the tired, trite BUT I HAVE A DAUGHTER defense, adding that he's "not focused on this other stuff."

As long as we're on the topic of daughters, here's a handy little video of Trump discussing the pesky technicalities that get in the way of him dating his own daughter: