Donald Trump's former National Security Director, Michael Flynn, a grade-A Islamophobe and father of a batshit-crazy conspiracy theorist, managed to last a grand total of 24 days in his job before getting canned. But on Friday, Mr. Lock-Her-Up pled guilty to lying to the FBI in order to avoid being locked up himself.

The guilty plea was part of the investigation by Robert Mueller into meddling in the 2016 election. Flynn is the first senior White House official to agree to help Mueller. Flynn admitted he lied when he told the feds that, during the post-election/pre-inauguration transition period, he never asked Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak to delay a controversial UN vote on Russia until Trump took office. Flynn admitted today that he did, in fact, do that—and early reports hint that he was directed to do so by the Great Combover's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The New York Times also pointed out that Flynn's cooperation in Mueller's investigation could have other bad consequences for Trump and his administration. New documents show that Flynn was told by senior Trump people what to say to Kislyak about sanctions against Russia. The day after Flynn talked to Kislyak, Vladimir Putin announced that he would wait to respond to the sanctions—presumably because he knew his buddy Donny would be on the case as soon as he took office. Trump, being Trump, shared all of this on Twitter.

Flynn was fired for lying to Vice Homophobe President Mike Pence about conversations with Kislyak back in February. Flynn was not charged Friday with any of the shady shit he did for Turkey, including maybe planning a kidnapping—another indication that Mueller may be going easy on him in exchange for information.

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