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Let this be a lesson: The next time you try to avoid paying the subway fare, make sure you can at least clear the turnstile. If not, there’s a good chance you’ll end up like this unfortunate soul who tried to jump the barrier for the London Tube and ended up stuck by his thigh and crotch.

In several excruciating moments, the unidentified fare skipper was caught yelling, while people attempted to help. You can watch a clip of the incident on Facebook; someone decided it would be better to record it rather than help the man. The video, posted Thursday by a Mark Graves, has nearly 250,000 views and this caption: “This guy tried to jump the gates and got his manhood stuck.” Ouch.

In the video, a man introduces viewers to the odd scene. British Transport Police officers and London Underground staff members are seen in the video doing their best to help free and calm the man simultaneously. In the background, you can hear one man yelling: "Get some butter! Butter him up! Butter him up!" Someone else offers the suggestion “oil, oil, oil!" It did not seem as though anyone nearby had those specific items on hand.

After a bit of struggle, the subway bandit was freed from his embarrassing predicament. While the turnstile jumper thanked the people nearby that helped facilitate his release, it appeared as though authorities still wanted to have a word with him in the end.

To the unidentified commuter, if you are out there reading this, just pay the fare next time!—Philip Lewis