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Las Vegas officials are planning what they describe as "unprecedented" security measures for this weekend's New Year's Eve celebrations following the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in October, which left 58 people dead and over 500 injured.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo explained in a press conference that the city will add snipers to their normal security plans in anticipation of over 330,000 visitors to Vegas this weekend.​ CNN reports that the additional security measures are in place as a precaution, not because there are any known threats to the city.

"In previous years, we had spotters in elevated positions throughout the downtown area and the strip corridor," Lombard noted. "This year, along with those spotters, they will be accompanied by snipers."​

The National Guard will also double its presence in Vegas this year. 300 troops will be stationed at various locations along the Strip as well as the airport. Lombard explained that the city will be partnering with intelligence personnel from the federal government to provide up-to-date information to the troops on the ground.

"I'm asking that while you're out enjoying the festivities, you will also be observant and notify police if you notice anything suspicious or if anything just doesn't look right," Lombard added, noting that law enforcement officials will be relying on help from the general public as well. "We will have plenty of resources available to take phone calls, no matter how mundane they are."

This is the second time Las Vegas police have deployed snipers following October's mass shooting. A police helicopter unit, 350 ground officers, and several snipers were on duty for November's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

Lombardo ended his press conference on a positive note, stating, "I’m confident every available resource is being used to make sure this New Year’s Eve will be safe."