Eleven-year-old Keaton Jones has recently been at the center of the nation's attention for his anti-bullying PSA. In the days since his mother, Kimberly, uploaded his heartfelt message on Facebook, Keaton has received a wealth of support from people all over the world, including notable athletes, musicians, and celebrities. Two GoFundMe pages were created for people to donate to his cause.

But there’s always another side to the story. Kimberly, a Tennessee native, was seen photographed with confederate flags—once on her own, and another time with her family—on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. It has caused people to criticize her motives for putting up the video.

Recently, CBS News interviewed Keaton and Kimberly to talk about their widely shared video. His mother addresses the rumors at the 1:24 mark of the video above.

"The only two photos—the only two photos on my entire planet that I am anywhere near a Confederate flag. It was ironic. It was funny,” Jones explained.

When asked if the photos had any racist intent behind them, she said, "Absolutely not."

"I've said I spent most of my life being bullied and judged because I wasn't racist," Jones said.

The rest of the clip spotlights Keaton and his reasons for asking his mom to record him talking about being bullied. He went from being a regular middle schooler to a boy who pushed an important message on how parents and kids can take action to stop bullying.

"It made me feel like I had accomplished something real. Something that could actually change the world," he said.

Horace Maynard Middle School, the school that Keaton currently attends, will hold an anti-bullying assembly on Monday. Keaton plans to return to school after the holiday break in January.