TMZ has learned that the two GoFundMe pages for Keaton Jones have run into problems: one is being put on hold while the other has been shut down altogether. The former, which was labeled "Stand Up for Keaton," is no longer accepting donations. The page, which raised $58,249 in a matter of two days, was put on hold because GoFundMe wants to ensure that Keaton's mother Kimberly is the beneficiary. Since the guy who started the page doesn't know Kimberly personally, the company wants to get in touch with her before going ahead with the charity. 

The other GoFundMe was shut down over concerns of fraud because the page was purportedly started by Kimberly for the sole purpose of getting money for Keaton's Christmas gifts. It is still unknown if Kimberly actually started the page. 

Keaton's mother has faced backlash after photos of her and her friends displaying the Confederate flag were discovered on her Facebook page. A message was also posted two weeks after the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville where Kimberly addresses "butt hurt Americans."

There is another photo showing Keaton holding an American flag while the kid right next to him is holding an Confederate flag. 

It's only a matter of time—the milkshake duck phenomenon comes for everyone.