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Instagram's latest feature may be the biggest change since the switch from a chronological feed to an algorithmic one. Users are beginning to notice a "Recommended for You" section within their main feed as the social media platform slowly rolls out this latest update.

You might be thinking, WTF, isn't that what the "Explore" page is for?? You would be correct, but now the app's developers want to invade our carefully curated scrolling experience with more garbage that it thinks we might want to view based on what the rest of our followers have liked—which by the way, is totally what the "Following" tab is for within your notifications, but it's fine.

As of now, this feature can't be fully disabled, but IG's help document shows you a way to temporarily hide the feature from showing up in your feed. This latest inconvenience to your scrolling ritual comes shortly after Instagram's introduction of the much cooler feature that allows users to follow hashtags. If you are about to start rioting in the streets and forming angry mobs, hold off for now; an Instagram rep told TechCrunch the feature won't replace any content you actively follow in favor of recommended posts; rather, it will save recommended content for the end of your feed. 

Users, however, remain skeptical that the feature is anything other than hot garbage, and I'm inclined to agree. I highly doubt my followers can provide the same perfect balance of noodle porn, Brussels Griffon accounts and mental health memes my Instagram ritual relies on. See what some people think of the feature below: