Only some fucking narcs would seize nearly 4 million joints' worth of weed, wait nearly a year, then burn it all up to heat and light some houses.

German authorities did exactly that Tuesday with a weed haul they procured after stopping a Serbian truck near a Nuremberg highway in December 2016. After authorities let the product dry out, they tested it to determine where the fuck it came from and—according to a local Süddeutsche Zeitung report spotted by Vice News—the "exact origin" of the Albanian haul was determined to be "incomprehensible."

The 550-kilo haul was transferred to a waste incinerator at the Olching power plant and burned at temperatures as high as 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. A German customs spokesperson described the weed as "just garbage" in need of being destroyed.

Germany, whichjust kicked off medical weed sales back in March, said this particular batch of ill-fated ganj—while of a noticeably higher quality than the typical seized product—didn't meet their standards and was determined to be unfit for medical consumption.

Legislation for medicinal weed was, as it should be, supported by both the left and right of German politics. In a statement issued earlier this year, Germany's Federal Ministry of Health confirmed that the costs of employing the services of medicinal weed for the "critically ill" would be covered by health insurance companies when other treatments are proven ineffective. "Critically ill people must be cared for in the best possible way," said Hermann Gröhe, Germany's Health Minister.