Donald Trump can ruin a lot of things: the environment, the stigma against being a Nazi, relationships with the friendliest of allies—but there's one thing that he loves and would never, ever screw with: Christmas. He is, after all, the man who made it safe to say "Merry Christmas" again

Well, guess again. On Thursday, it was reported that the Great Combover had messed up Christmas celebrations in Nazareth, long acknowledged as the hometown of Jesus (not for nothing was he known as "Jesus of Nazareth").

The Israeli city's mayor, Ali Salam, announced the city would cancel its annual Christmas events, which includes a seasonal market and a festival. The events account, understandably, for a major part of Nazareth's tourism. And why is he taking this step? Trump.

Earlier this month, in a desperate move to keep at least one of his campaign promises, the son of a Klansman said the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, and would begin moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to the disputed city. (For background on why that idea is so terrible, click here.) For Salam, this announcement ruined the season. 

"Our identity and faith can not be bargained," Salam said. "The decision has taken away the joy of the holiday and we will cancel the festivities this year."

Trump's announcement sparked major protests in Gaza and the West Bank, leading to at least two Palestinian deaths.

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