The Keaton Jones story just keeps getting better—and by better, I mean so much worse.

Since Kimberly Jones shared a video of her son where he detailed instances of being bullied at school, the internet has discovered that Keaton’s parents (and possibly Keaton himself) are bullies in their own right—the racist kind. Unfortunately, the public only caught on after a number of celebrities voiced support for Keaton and a (currently on hold) GoFundMe was set up in his mother’s name.

Earlier this week, one of Kimberly’s old Facebook posts surfaced, wherein she verbally attacks black activists and other “butt hurt Americans” offended by the Confederate flag. In addition, she’s shared a number of family photos featuring the rebel flag, one of which also shows a young woman holding a gun.

This week, it’s Keaton’s dad Shawn White who’s under fire. Perhaps unsurprisingly, White’s social media pages are rife with white supremacy propaganda, and there’s nothing remotely subtle about it.

White’s Facebook page is littered with memes saying things like, “HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE,” and, “Keep Calm and be White Pride,” TMZ reports. Shawn also posted a shirtless selfie, revealing “PURE BREED” and “WHITE PRIDE” tattooed on his chest and stomach, respectively. Another tattoo on his next reads, “CWB,” presumably the abbreviation for a gang called Crazy White Boy. Classy.

The memes were posted in 2014, and White hasn’t posted much recently on account of the fact he’s been in jail since May 2015 for a probation violation related to an aggravated assault conviction. No word on what kind of relationship, if any, Shawn has with his wife in son. However, this new information makes Kimberly’s attempt to downplay her posts as “ironic and funny” all the more suspect.