It seems as if whatever higher beings are at work decided to bless the human race with this precious bit of scientific knowledge. An examination of over 15 studies by researchers in China has come to the conclusion that yes, cheese isn't actually bad for you.

Published by the European Journal of Nutrition, the report claims that a small consumption of cheese daily can actually lessen a person's chance of coronary heart disease by 14%, or even reduce the chances of having a stroke by 10%. Authors of the report state that basically, the high calcium levels (good) in cheese act to block some of the saturated fats (bad) in the delicious dairy product, balancing out the nutritional value ratio.

Generally, cheese has long been the scourge of every health-conscious person who wants to make sure they have a balanced diet while still loving themselves enough to partake in the simple joy of one of Earth's greatest pleasures. Now, cheese-lovers can sleep well knowing that their midnight snack or post-night-out cheese fry indulgence is actually good for them.

Well, sort of. The study explains that, as with anything, moderation is key. Researchers suggest that 40 grams (a bite, or two slices) daily is the magic amount of lactose to keep those heart muscles strong. 

So go ahead, unblock all those mouth-watering cheese porn accounts, and erase the guilt of that daily BEC. Thanks, science!