Marijuana, as it should be everywhere else in this (or any other) galaxy, is recreationally legal in the great state of Colorado. If you're 21 and in possession of some cash, you can just waltz into a shop and procure a reasonable amount of life-improving shrubbery with practically no hassle at all. Despite this, a couple of goobers were recently busted for trying to trade "homegrown black market marijuana" for a car on Craigslist. The owner of the car? The goddamn sheriff of Teller County.

Sheriff Jason Mikesell put up a car for sale on Craigslist and was contacted via text by Shawn Langley, KOAA News dryly reported Monday. The 39-year-old Langley and a woman identified as Jane Cravens then offered to trade four pounds of the aforementioned black market weed for Mikesell's car. Obviously, the two weren't in on the fact that the car's seller was the fuzz.

Langley even made a point to hit Mikesell with some pics of the black market weed, police said. A buy/bust operation was put together alongside the Metro Vice Narcotics Unit in Woodland Park. After Langley arrived with Cravens and offered to make the trade, the two were taken into custody.

Langley and Craven were then booked into county jail on narcotics charges. An investigation is still ongoing.

​Black market fuckups aside, the (legal) marijuana business in Colorado is booming. This year, state marijuana sales topped $1 billion in just eight months, up from the 2016 time frame of 10 months. 

Growing sales and shifting societal attitudes toward the completely harmless plant have even influenced several law enforcement agencies' departmental policies. As detailed in a must-read Denver Post report Monday, the Aurora Civil Service Commission is among those who have instituted a policy requiring applicants to be weed-free for one year instead of the usual three.