In one of the most 2017 stories of 2017, bitcoin investors have discovered that they're sitting on a small fortune if it weren't for one small catch>—they've forgotten their security passwords. Many investors in the virtual currency that no one will shut up about are now having a hard time bypassing the intricate security codes needed to access their bitcoin accounts, the Wall Street Journal reports.

How far would you go to access your once-forgotten security codes to retrieve your present-day goldmine of virtual currency? One hypnotist from South Carolina, Jason Miller, is offering clients services that will supposedly help them "access older memories or see things they’ve put away in a stashed spot." Miller's fee? Only one bitcoin, oh, and 5 percent of the amount recovered, of course. With bitcoin values skyrocketing to the billions, and people allegedly resorting to taking mortgages out on their homes, it's not surprising that people like Miller are coming out of the woodwork to get that coin. 

Others still are going for equally drastic methods of recovery. To get to his pot of gold, Welsh IT dude James Howard is considering excavating a goddamn landfill where he believes his bitcoin-laden hard drive was mistakenly thrown away from a bout of office cleaning. 

Moral of the story is, keep track of your passwords. Be smart, like Brian Goss, who uses a physical, "Cryptosteel" metal box to safeguard his bitcoin bounty, or, you know, something more archaic like writing it down in a notebook. But if you can't remember those codes for the life of you, don't worry, you're not alone.