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Alabama's special election for a seat in the United States Senate was a mess. 

Democratic candidate Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore by a slim margin of 21,924 votes. Unhappy with the results, Moore responded with a last-minute lawsuit to delay election certification, issuing a statement on Thursday that claimed it was a "fraudulent election." Alabama officials quickly dismissed the legal challenge, and certified Jones as the election's official winner.

The decision ends a race that was unpleasant for some of the state's voters from the start. Unhappy being forced to choose between a Republican accused of sexual misconduct and a pro-choice Democrat in a historically conservative state, many Alabama residents protested the election with hilarious write-in votes.

The write-in appendix for the election was revealed on Thursday, and the list includes multiple votes for "Jesus Christ, "Mickey Mouse," "Bozo," and someone called "Dr. Taco Bell."

Twitter account Decision Desk HQ had some fun with the list, pointing out that notable figures like Beyoncé, Steve Bannon, and Charles Barkley couldn't compete with a category simply titled, "Not Listed Due to Graphic Language."

Twitter users around the country joined in on the fun and picked their personal favorites. You can see some of those below.