A high school in Alabama is deservedly facing backlash for its handling of a recently circulated rap from a Trump-supporting student calling for a "mass genocide." The track, made by an unidentified Spanish Fort High School student, was created using the RapChat app and started being passed among students in the Baldwin County School System before being reported to school officials.

According to BuzzFeed News, 16-year-old student Lilyan Mims first saw a clip of the track last week. When Mims and a friend brought the clip to the principal, they were "basically" advised to "sweep it under the rug." Mims organized a peaceful protest of the school's handling of the video Monday.

The student in the clip says Trump's Muslim ban will "protect the white race" and wishes "cancer" on members of the LGBTQ community. According to school officials, the recording took place off-campus, a fact they claim limits the discussion of disciplinary options. "It genuinely has nothing to do with the school but we have spoken with the parents and they are mortified," School superintendent Eddie Tyler told AL.com Wednesday. "They are also trying to figure out how to deal publicly with what, just last week, was a personal family matter. Now it is news."

The Trump-supporting student's family sent a statement on his behalf to FOX 10. The student claimed to feel "ashamed and embarrassed" by his creation, which he somehow rationalized as a horrible joke gone wrong among a small group.

Spanish Fort High School is also currently at the center of an investigation into another student's complaint alleging a "culture of bias and discrimination."