A former Bosnian Croat general drank poison while in a courtroom being sentenced to 20 years for war crimes.

In the clip, former commander Slobodan Praljak is told that he could be seated. Praljak, who remains standing, begins to shout: "Judges, Slobodan Praljak is not a criminal. With disdain, I reject your verdict." After being told once again to sit down, Praljak downs something from a bottle. Sometime later, Praljak alerts the courtroom that what he drank was poison. Almost immediately, the session is suspended. There was an ambulance on the scene soon after.

It was confirmed later by Croatian prime minister Andrej Plenković that Praljak had died. The Guardian reports that the courtroom is being treated as a crime scene.

The crimes Praljak were convicted for stem from the destruction of a 16th century bridge in November of 1993, which the judges said "caused disproportionate damage to the Muslim civilian population." Praljak was accused of ordering the attack, which is said to be a symbol of Bosnia's devastation in the war. It's also important to note that while the courts overturned some of Praljak's convictions, they refused to reduce his sentence.

Warning: the video below may be disturbing to some.