Late Thursday night, probably while you were drunkenly falling asleep to the ricocheting sounds of regret that occupy your every waking move, a prominent fast food establishment stacked up tens of thousands of retweets simply by fucking up.

As it became increasingly obvious that "Need copy and link" had no hidden meaning and was not, say, an SOS message from a struggling McDonald's trainee trapped in a freezer with an unholy amount of hash browns and quarter pounders, people with their fingers on the pulse of fast food Twitter started weighing in with advice and speculation:

Impressively, McDonald's is letting the tweet stay live. They even responded to their asterisk-loaded mistake by blaming the whole thing on a lack of McCafé. Well played.

The last time McDonald's had this many people hanging out in their mentions, the topic of discussion was fucking dipping sauce.


Inspired by Rick and Morty, McDonald's decided to revive their discontinued (and supremely overrated) Szechuan dipping sauce for an extremely limited time in October. The promo was so limited, in fact, that many Rick and Morty fans were left with no choice but to spend a disturbingly lengthy amount of time absolutely shredding McDonald's on Twitter for what they apparently felt was an affront to their entire way of life or whatever.

Asked by TMZ about the debacle, series co-creator Justin Roiland reminded fans that the fucking dipping sauce was indeed nothing more, nothing less. "It's absurd," he said. "It became, like, a collector thing. It's a fucking dipping sauce, guys. I was bummed out really for the workers. The whole thing was bad on every side."

McDonald's has since announced plans to give the Szechuan revival another try.