Gun control is a hot-button issue in the United States, so I applaud First United Methodist Church in Tennessee for having an open discussion on church shootings, one of which took almost 30 lives in Texas earlier this month. What I will not applaud are the idiots who sully these conversations with idiotic acts, like one of these churchgoing guys in the aforementioned Tennessee church, who ended up busting a cap in himself and his wife while trying to make a point.

According to this report out of Knoxville, during their discussion, a man in his 80s decided to pull out his .380 Ruger and proclaim that he can "carry my handgun everywhere." Why this old-ass man felt the need to pack heat up in the church is beyond me, but do you.

Where said old man fucked up was, during a demonstration of removing and replacing the magazine in the gun, he ended up loading a bullet into the chamber of the gun. Someone asked Shooty McShooterson if they could see his gun, and as he was explaining how he could tell that the gun wasn't loaded, he ended up pulling the trigger. Up in the church. During a motherfucking gun control discussion.

McShooterson ended up slicing his palm with the exiting bullet, which also hit his wife in her abdomen. Their injuries are said to not be life threatening, and no charges were filed, because WHY WOULD YOU CHARGE AN 80 YEAR OLD IDIOT WITH SHOOTING HIMSELF DURING A GUN CONTROL DISCUSSION?!

And this is why our gun control conversation will forever be broken.